Don't Learn Scrum from Jira

June 23, 2022
Many people modify Scrum to fit popular project management tools like Jira. Removing parts of Scrum, like Product Goals, that don’t have an obvious fit seems to be the easiest option. A better approach is to modify tools and team processes to work with Scrum. Don’t learn Scrum from tools because they don’t know Scrum.
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Wayne the Scrum Master?

June 22, 2022
Would Wayne be a good Scrum Master? If you're familiar with the Hulu show "Letterkenny", then you most likely already have an opinion. You be the judge on if Wayne's catchphrases set him up for success in his interview for a Scrum Master role.
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5 Benefits Product Teams have over Technology Teams

June 22, 2022
​​​​​​​According to the 2020 Scrum Guide, a Scrum Team should contain members with all the skills necessary to create an Increment of usable product each Sprint. Teams that approach their work from a product perspective find this cross-functionality easier to achieve than teams that organize around the technologies required to deliver the product. Although having some technology teams in your organization might be necessary, product teams should be the default because of their many advantages. This article will discuss the five benefits product teams have over technology teams.
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Remote Work and Scrum

June 20, 2022
For many years the agile movement advocated that all teams had to be co-located for success. Scrum also encouraged that approach. But the pandemic taught us that remote does not always mean bad. However, we are seeing more and more executives force an in-person return to the office as the pandemic resides. But will this improve productivity? Yes and No. Without a clear focus on three things neither in-person nor remote work will be successful, so stop focusing on that and instead focus on the what and the how of working together to deliver value!

7 Mythen über Sprint-Ziele und wie du sie widerlegst

June 20, 2022
Seit 2002 ist das Sprint-Ziel Bestandteil von Scrum. Trotzdem verwenden viele Scrum Teams nur selten Ziele. Es kursieren immer noch viele Mythen um Sprint-Ziele, die dazu führen, dass Scrum Teams immer noch damit kämpfen, sich Sprint-Ziele zu setzen. Wenn du erfahren willst, welche Mythen über Sprint-Ziele kursieren und wie du sie widerlegen kannst, dann lies weiter.

If Your Scrum Team is Rigid, Something Is Broken

June 16, 2022
When Scrum Teams constantly push back on changing priorities, stakeholders begin to blame Scrum for the rigidity. Teams with large investments of time and energy are resistant to change. Break up this rigidity by delivering the smallest possible value. Get feedback quicker. Start anticipating change and embrace it.

5 typische Herausforderungen im Leben eines Scrum Masters und Tipps, um diese zu meistern

June 16, 2022
Ein Scrum Master zu sein, ist schwer. Es ist genauso schwer, wie guten Code zu schreiben, gut zu zeichnen oder eine Fremdsprache fließend zu sprechen. Der Grund hierfür ist, dass das Meistern jeglicher Fähigkeiten Beständigkeit, Reflexion und bewusstes Handeln erfordert – alles Dinge, für die es dem Durchschnittsmenschen an Engagement fehlt. Hier einige der Herausforderungen, denen ich über die Jahre als Scrum Master mehrfach gegenüberstand und Tipps, wie du diesen begegnen kannst. Ich hoffe, meine Erfahrungen inspirieren dich, damit du dich auch morgen aufs Neue den Schwierigkeiten stellst, die eine Einführung von Scrum mit sich bringt.

Meaning of Purpose

June 15, 2022
Scrum Guide 2020 mentions Sprint Goal and Product Goal because Scrum teams must have a Share Goal. The Share Goal is always essential, even though the Scrum Guide didn't say it before. Basically, the Common Goal helps the Scrum Team become consciously Autonomous. Because Autonomy will lead to chaos if the group doesn't have a Share Goal. (See picture below) In this article, I would like to share the problems the Scrum Team usually faces when setting their goals and making plans not to be unified or linked to achieving a Common Goal. Thereby, I share with everyone a compact tool that makes it easier for you to define the valuable Share Goals.
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Why you shouldn’t modify Scrum

June 14, 2022
The Scrum Framework is very lightweight, and it seems to get less restrictive with each release of the Scrum Guide.  What is included is really important, though.  Every piece of the framework is there for a reason.  In this article, I will discuss five common ways that teams modify the Scrum framework and the negative impacts of each.  

Kein UX-Designer im Team? Mit diesen 3 einfachen Techniken kann dein Scrum Team noch heute mit UX-Research beginnen

June 13, 2022
Kein UX-Designer im Team? In meinem neuen Artikel findest du 3 einfache Techniken, damit dein Scrum Team noch heute mit UX-Research beginnen kann. Die Erkenntnisse, die dein Team mit diesen Research-Techniken über eure Nutzer erhält, können dir helfen: - User Storys zu schreiben, die wirklich auf wahren „Geschichten“ eurer Nutzer basieren. - Endlose Diskussionen im Sprint-Review mit den Stakeholdern abzukürzen. Jetzt kannst du objektiv begründen, warum das Feature so designt wurde, da nur so die Nutzer bei ihrer täglichen Arbeit entlastet werden. - Im Product Backlog für mehr Übersichtlichkeit zu sorgen, da du die Einträge nach Nutzergruppen bündeln kannst.

Designing the Product Owner Role

June 11, 2022
In this blog, a short description of one workshop from Chapter 11: Guiding The Product Ownership. Misconceptions about the PO role often lead to reduced agility, development bottlenecks, and teams that do not understand the customer domain well enough to make autonomous decisions during a Sprint. 

36 Scrum Stakeholder Anti-Patterns

June 6, 2022
Learn how individual incentives and outdated organizational structures — fostering personal agendas and local optimization efforts — manifest themselves in Scrum stakeholder anti-patterns that easily impede any agile transformation to a product-led organization.

The paradox of Sprinting at a Sustainable Pace

June 3, 2022
Building a product sometimes feels like an endless race, head down, pedal to the metal, let's build it! We all run after something and as a team incrementing our product to be the best possible set of functionalities our users ever wanted, at some point we get out of breath Sprinting. As Scrum Master and Coach I often have to remind people that our goal is not to run but build a pace we can be confortable with for a long period of time, a sustainable pace.

Impulsores de la Agilidad

May 31, 2022
La agilidad está de moda y su adopción es un tema pendiente en muchas organizaciones. La agilidad promueve un cambio cultural que se basa en los principios y valores ágiles que llevan a adquirir capacidades de respuesta al cambo para hacer frente a la dinámica del contexto del mercado con foco en la entrega de valor en los clientes.   La agilidad requiere el uso del enfoque empírico para generar valor de forma incremental, la base de Scrum, complementado luego con la inspección de los resultados basada en el aprendizaje de los clientes para generar una adaptación apropiada.

Guiding Teams in Multi-Skill Development

May 31, 2022
The work of solving a complex problem (for example, a feature) with interdependent tasks rarely distributes evenly among the people in a cross-functional team. The solution is a team of multi-skilled specialists. A team of multi-talented people experience fewer bottlenecks as they can help overloaded team members, and therefore reduce the time to solve a complex problem end-to-end. The team develops multi-skilled members by working in three preferred modes: pairing, mob-programming, and swarming continuously. Some other techniques are: StarMap, visualizing the flow of work, and Slack Time.
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The Purpose of the Five Scrum Events

May 31, 2022
There are five events in Scrum.  But just going through the motions and having each of the events on the calendar is not enough.  To get the most out of Scrum, your team needs to understand the purpose behind each of the five events.