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5 Ways To Fail With Scrum

April 14, 2016
Over the past 10 years I have worked with many organisations and helped them to use Scrum to create innovative and sometimes market leading Products. I have seen a lot of Scrum during this time, much of it done well, but some of it done badly.
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What exactly are we Scaling?

April 13, 2016
Scaling Scrum. Agile at Scale. Enterprise Everything. Everyone is using the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe.  Scaling, Scaling, Scaling. If you’re working in product development, you’ve probably had a few conversations on this topic.

About Self-Organizing Teams

April 11, 2016
In this AppDeveloper Magazine article, Professional Scrum Trainer Clementino De Mendonca discusses answers to questions from a budding Scrum Master who is transitioning from a background as a traditional project manager...
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The Scrum Master as an Impediment Remover

April 7, 2016
The role of a Scrum Master is one of many stances and diversity. A great Scrum Master is aware of them and knows when and how to apply them, depending on situation and context. Everything with the purpose of helping people understand and apply the Scrum framework better.
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March 1, 2016
Last year, I was facilitating a workshop on Agile and began the conversation, as usual with introductions. I asked each attendee what was the most important burning question that brought them to the workshop. One of the attendees replied
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The 5 Most Common Pitfalls of the Scrum Events

February 29, 2016
This week I facilitated a Scrum Master training in which we gathered the most common pitfalls of the Scrum events. It resulted in a nice overview with lots of recognizable pitfalls. In this blog post I'll share the results with you, completed with some ideas of my own. As you will see, it's only a brief description of the pitfalls.

We're Moving to Agile: What Are Our Testers Going To Do?

February 9, 2016
Pradeepa Narayanaswamy shares her insights into the keys of agile testing including understanding the agile testing mindset and goals. She discusses the responsibilities of a tester in an agile team and describes the diverse skill sets required in those teams.
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The 18 Characteristics of a Great Product Owner

January 19, 2016
During a recent Product Owner training I gave the participants the assignment to complete the sentence "A great Product Owner..." The result was a nice overview of characteristics, skills and conditions necessary to fulfill this role in a great manner. In this blog post I'll share the result, completed with a short explanation and some more ideas of my own.
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The #1 Characteristic of Agile DNA

January 10, 2016
Last week I attended a workshop provided by Patrick Verheij, who is a board member of the Agile Consortium. Patrick explained the foundation of Agile and shared a characteristic of "Agile DNA" within organizations
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Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule

January 1, 2016
Recently I had a discussion with a developer about the amount of meetings we're having nowadays within organisations. Part of it was related to Scrum, "Since the introduction of Scrum all I do is attend meetings". And part of it wasn't, "Every week I need to discuss how to improve the productivity of my department... cancelling these type of meetings might be a good start..."
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Base donnes Agile - Dbuter le voyage !

December 18, 2015
Comme on l'a vu durant la présentation, l'Agilité a des impacts à tous les niveaux et touche même les bases de données. Pour être capable de travailler efficacement dans un contexte Agile, le DBA doit ajuster sa manière de travailler autant en co
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10 Product Owner Questions

December 10, 2015
This is a list of 10 questions a Scrum Master may ask a Product Owner, in order to help coach them in their role. Of course, not all questions may apply based on your specific context.
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Team Culture over Project Culture

November 24, 2015
Recently I read the book 'The People's Scrum' by Tobias Mayer. In this book he spends a chapter on describing the differences between project culture and team culture. To me, the given examples of both types of culture are highly recognizable and I can easily extend and complement the list of examples with my own experiences.
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Commitment versus Forecast

November 13, 2015
​​​​​​​In my previous blog post 'The 9 Smells of an Organization' I described the difference between the terms commitment and forecast. This resulted in an intriguing discussion that triggered me to elaborate some more on this topic and share the highlights of this conversation.
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The 9 Smells of an Organization

November 6, 2015
A few months ago I first saw the brilliant speech 'The Smell of the Place' by Prof. Sumantra Ghoshal. It's about corporate environments and the faults of management in creating a positive work place.