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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.

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Belarus: Self-Organization of the Nation

September 8, 2020
People in Belarus fight the dictatorial regime that purposefully removes all protest leaders. Under these circumstances, though, self-organization strives. Having a common bigger goal, people invent various kinds of protests and demonstrate unprecedented creativity and courage.
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Usa el Scrum Tune-Up canvas para revitalizar tu Scrum!

September 7, 2020
Este canvas de te permite hacer una revisión básica de como ha adoptado Scrum tu equipo y organización para identificar mejoras accionables. Esta herramienta se usa mejor en un taller colaborativo con los miembros de los equipos Scrum, el management y otros roles relevantes de la organización.

Posturas del Product Owner

September 5, 2020
El Product Owner es un líder que actúa de acuerdo a diversos escenarios y circunstancias. Ser un líder que atraviesa y vive estas situaciones exige que pueda adoptar diferentes posturas que le permitan mejorar la entrega de valor.

Measuring Enterprise Agility

September 4, 2020
Is your organization really agile? How do you know? This whitepaper describes the foundation mindset, actions and behaviors of agile in four simple statements supported by 12 principles.
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How To Become An Effective Agile Manager

August 26, 2020
What is the biggest mistake managers make as they transition from a traditional command and control culture to an agile culture based on Servant Leadership and Self-Organization? What is the single most important adjustment needed in an Agile manager's focus?
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Vodafone New Zealand's Agile Transformation Case Study

August 21, 2020
In late 2018, Vodafone New Zealand set out to improve its customer experience by adopting a ‘digital first’ mindset. Investing in agile would underpin this approach by introducing ways of working that reduce complexity, improve collaboration and bring the customer to the forefront of each decision.

10 Reasons Why Sprint Reviews Suck and 10 Tips to Make Them Suck Less

August 20, 2020
Have you found yourself facepalming in cringe-worthy Sprint Reviews that degenerate into finger-pointing and food-fights? What are the top reasons why this happens? Would you be interested in learning some course corrections that might help you break out of this unhelpful pattern? If yes, watch this recorded webinar to learn the top 10 lessons we have learned from real world clients who have improved the effectiveness of their Sprint Reviews.
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Neue Unternehmenskultur — Weshalb?

August 14, 2020
Angesichts des Hypes um Agilität, Business Agility und „New Work“ höre ich aus Unternehmen häufig: „Wir brauchen eine neue Kultur!“ Dieser Ausruf wird dann von Consultants gekontert mit dem Allgemeinplatz: „Kultur kann man nicht machen. Kultur entsteht!“ Wie aber entsteht diese Kultur? Und weshalb ergibt eine Kulturveränderung auch ökonomisch Sinn für ein Unternehmen? In diesem Artikel möchte ich aufzeigen, wie Unternehmens-kultur sich ändert und weshalb das durchaus auch ökonomisch Sinn ergibt.
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Agilidade nos negócios no século XXI

August 10, 2020
Desde a Revolução Industrial, o aumento da concorrência levou os negócios a estratégias que preservam e expandem sua participação no mercado. Mais de 100 anos atrás, Henry Ford, revolucionou a produtividade industrial com sua tecnologia de linha de mon