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Sample Employee Satisfaction Exercises

April 11, 2017
Traditional software organizations have diametrically different values and operation from an Agile, Scrum based organization. You cannot simply paste a new approach on top of a traditional organization. Ken Schwaber wrote this presentation on this problem and how to measure its impact on staff. 

Servant Leadership Defined

April 7, 2017
As part of the Scrum Tapas video series, Professional Scrum Trainer Ian Mitchell discusses what a servant leader is and some ideas on how to be a good one.

Nexus Overview Datasheet

April 5, 2017
Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum and founder of, created the Nexus framework and corresponding Nexus Guide to help organizations scale Scrum.  This datasheet provides a brief overview of Nexus and some ideas on next steps.

The Customer, Not the Organization Defines What Makes a Product

April 4, 2017
As part of the Scrum Tapas video series, we take a peek into the second part of a conversation with Professional Scrum Trainers, Ravi Verma, Chad Beier, Charles Bradley and Victor Oliveira  as they discuss what it means to be a product. In this video, they look at how you should not define a product based on the organizational structure, but instead on how the customer views it and its value.