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How Much Are You Willing to Risk?

March 21, 2017
As part of the Scrum Tapas video series, Professional Scrum Trainer, Ravi Verma discusses what why making small bets over time is much less risky than one large bet. He addresses the economic costs of a Scrum Team and why breaking work into smaller Sprints can help reduce the risk of money and time spent in bringing a new product to market.

The Product Owner Podcast

March 20, 2017
Dave West, Product Owner & CEO for discusses his road towards becoming a Product Owner (which includes a well known three letter acronym), we go in to the three most important things a Product Owner should master.

Teams and the Way They Work

March 18, 2017
As soon as the job gets large enough, we need more than one person. People are great, however each person is unique, with a different skillset, knowledge base, history, value system and wants and needs.