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What is Your Daily DOSE for Creating Happy and Engaging Teams?

May 16, 2017
We would all agree that “happy teams create happy results”, but the big piece to the puzzle is how to create those happy and engaged teams…  In this edition of Scrum Pulse, Professional Scrum Trainer Nagesh Sharma discusses the psychological aspects of the human brain connects the dots with Scrum. A Scrum Master can be helped by better understanding the chemical makeup of the human brain to create more happy and engaged teams by leveraging the Scrum framework and embracing Servant leadership.

The Scrum Master Stances - 2nd Edition

May 14, 2017
The previous weeks I've taken some time to re-write the white paper "The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master". Given my sessions at Scrum Day London, Scrum Day Warsaw and Scrum Day Europe I wanted to offer the participants a paper with my latest insights and lessons learned. In this blog post I'll share the changes in this 2nd edition. I hope you enjoy the result!

The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master

May 12, 2017
This white paper contains Professional Scrum Trainer Barry Overeem's personal experiences acting as a Scrum Master and the 8 stances he's documented with an in-depth perspective: The Scrum Master as a Servant Leader, Facilitator, Coach, Manager, Mentor, Teacher, Impediment Remover, and Change Agent.
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The future in our hands

May 12, 2017
Recently I had the opportunity to give a guest lecture about "Agile Essentials" at a University of Applied Science. These students, the lecturer told me beforehand, would only be partly interested and engaged. Therefore I prepared for the worst... 

Scrum Day Europe

FROM GOOD TO GREAT. As Agilists we all share a passion for the definition of awesome. We’re constantly looking for ways to continuously improve customers experiences, intensify business-IT alignment, help improve the mechanics of scrum teams, and last but not least, rigorously improve the way we operate ourselves.

DevOn Summit

In order to survive in a constantly changing environment in which your customer’s wishes pile up at a rapid pace, high quality software is an absolute must. Attend this conference, and add more value with your teams by getting software capabilities to a higher level.

Scrum + DevOps = ScrumOps

May 11, 2017
This article in ADT Magazine (Application Development Trends) looks at Scrum and DevOps and how they fit well together based off of the keynote from DevOps Connect presented by CEO Dave West and DevOps Institute CEO Jayne Groll.

How Do We Know the Product Definition Is Working

May 10, 2017
As part of the Scrum Tapas video series, we take a peek into the third part of a conversation with Professional Scrum Trainers, Ravi Verma, Chad Beier, Charles Bradley and Victor Oliveira  as they discuss what it means to be a product. In this video, they look the definition of a product and how the definition could impact stakeholders. 8:07 minutes