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Scrum Guide Update November 2017

November 7, 2017
Today (November 7th 2017) Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland released an update to the Scrum Guide.The Scrum Guide is the definitive definition of Scrum, authored by Ken and Jeff, the creators of Scrum.
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Professional Organisational Change at the Ghana Police Service

October 31, 2017
The Ghana Police Service is in trouble. Over the last few last few decades, each new Police organisation and government has tried in various ways to carry out some change but most changes have been ad-hoc, temporary, not robust enough or strategic. The old problems return to haunt new administrations and many police officers and the Public has lost hope.
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Should Our Team Use Scrum?

October 30, 2017
As a travelling Scrum and DevOps consultant I’m constantly asked “should our team use Scrum”? Now you might think that being a Professional Scrum Trainer – and serious Scrum fanboy – I would always answer “Yes!”. Well, you would be wrong.
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The Scrum Master as the Change Leader

October 28, 2017
In this blog post I'll share my view on the Scrum Master as the Change Leader. I'll briefly describe the common misunderstandings and the preferred stances of the Scrum Master. The services a Scrum Master provides for the Development Team, Product Owner and organisation, and the 3 levels that can be considered as a growth path for the Scrum Master. Want to know why the Scrum Master should be a Change Leader? Check out this article.
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Why PSD is such a great Training

October 19, 2017
The PSD training teaches the whole Scrum Team on how to do real Scrum. They work in Sprints, create Done software and use the appropriate tools and practices for it. It is a unique experience on how really good Scrum feels like.
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Agile-ish is “Kind of…..not”

October 13, 2017
When an organization decides to embark on an Agile Transformation, the first question should be, “Why?”   What does leadership hope to achieve?  Will the chosen path lead to improved ability to deliver high-quality business value? &
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It's time to learn the missing metric

October 10, 2017
Over the past years I have been looking for a metric that could indicate the agility of an organization. After a study of the more common metrics used for products and management reports, I couldn’t really find a metric that indicates the level of agility.
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Follow the $$$ - Inclusion and Accessibility

September 28, 2017
Although people with disabilities do have special needs, their purchase power isn’t special: it’s the same as everyone else’s. No longer can we think of accessibility as a compliance play. It’s simply good business. Let me frame this point with my story.
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Scrum Masters: El bueno, el feo y el malo

September 26, 2017
Hay una secuencia lógica que aquellos alumnos que han asistido al curso de Professional Scrum Master experimentan: Darse cuenta que Scrum no es en muchas ocasiones lo que ellos pensaban. Preguntarse qué hace el Scrum Master todo el día. Y una tercera que revelaré más adelante.

¿Qué es Scrum?

September 25, 2017
m Una mejor manera de construir productos Scrum es un proceso de gestión que reduce la complejidad en el desarrollo de productos para satisfacer las necesidades de los clientes. La gerencia y los equipos de Scrum trabajan juntos alrededor de requisitos y tecnologías para entregar productos funcionando de manera incremental usando el empirismo.
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A Systemic View on the Role of the Scrum Master

September 23, 2017
In this article, I suggest that you take a look at the role of a Scrum Master with a help of causal loop diagrams. They help to see a bigger picture of what is happening over time. Quite often, we observe the cause-and-effect relationships on a short-time horizon period, and do not notice when the links are spaced in time.
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A Liberating Training Retrospective

September 22, 2017
In this blog post I've shared the idea of doing a free Retrospective after every training we provide. The goal of this session is to inspect the progress that has been made and define actionable and committed improvements for the upcoming period.
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DevOps Cake !

September 19, 2017
As the saying goes, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The same could be said about DevOps and its implementation in an organization. Yes, the result is magic since it aims to deliver daily business value, but the journey is even more interesting. This journey is full of organizational, technological, but especially human discoveries.
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¿Cual es el rol del Nexus Integration Team?

September 14, 2017
El Nexus Integration Team es un nuevo rol dentro de Nexus, el framework de referencia para escalar Scrum. A diferencia de el Scrum of Scrums, que es solamente una reunión ad-hoc, el NIT, como rol, cumple la función de asegurar que al final de cada Sprint, en el Sprint Review, el Nexus entrega un incremento integrado que cumpla la definition of Done mínima para el Nexus.
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Scrum vs Kanban, el combate definitivo

September 12, 2017
Una de las cuestiones que se plantean habitualmente en organizaciones, equipos y Agile Coaches, es el uso de un método que permita organizar el trabajo de forma ágil. El uso de un método como Scrum o Kanban va mucho más allá del proceso en sí, sino que suponen una herramienta para mejorar la capacidad de adaptación, gestión de riesgo e innovación.
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Turn Your Feedback Loop into an Echo Chamber

September 7, 2017
I want to address those of you who don't really want the feedback. I mean, as important as feedback is, and as many times as you've heard that the central point of a Sprint Review is feedback…you're tired of it. It's pesky. And it just gets in the way of you doing what you know is right anyway.
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Scrum isn’t perfect

September 6, 2017
'Scrum isn't perfect' is something I hear quite frequently, be it as an excuse not to stick to the few rules Scrum has or not to use it at all. The thing is though that no set of rules is perfect, but we're used to stick to them anyway.
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5 things I learned teaching Scrum to Millennials

September 6, 2017
I recently had the pleasure of conducting’s Professional Scrum Foundations workshop to a group of students at the nonprofit job-training program, Year Up, in Boston. Teaching this group of millennials -- motivated, talented young adults from low-income background -- was an illuminating experience that ended up teaching me something about being a Scrum trainer as well as the future of software development.  
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Why the Product Owner Needs Power

August 31, 2017
In Scrum, the Product Owner is an entrepreneur and the mini-CEO of a product, who is able to make fast decisions. The success of the Scrum Team and company as a whole depends on whether the Product Owner is real.
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Should a Scrum Master Be Technical?

August 30, 2017
This blog post will be about the question "Should a Scrum Master be technical?". I'll describe my personal journey, share some opinions of other experiences and give you some examples of Technical Scrum Masters I've worked with.
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Le gâteau DevOps !

August 24, 2017
Comme dit le dicton ce n'est pas la destination, mais la route qui compte. On pourrait dire la même chose pour DevOps et de son implantation dans une organisation. Oui, le résultat est magique puisqu'il vise à nous faire livrer quotidiennement de la valeur d'affaires, mais le périple l'est d'autant plus. Ce périple est rempli de découvertes organisationnelles, technologies, mais surtout humaines.
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How To Ensure That Scrum Teams Launch Successfully

August 24, 2017
Most of the Agile transformations I have witnessed have started like this: First, a company raises a strategic initiative on so-called Agile implementation. A large budget is allocated and a tender is arranged to purchase Agile coaching services from companies on the market. Then employees are trained, and the pilot teams start working. However, they immediately stall, because there is lots of tension between them and an old cultural landscape.
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How to Succeed With Zombie-Scrum?

August 10, 2017
This blog post will focus on how to get started and succeed with Zombie-Scrum. What do you really need to have in place? What are the tips & tricks to give your Zombie-Scrum implementation a kick-start? How to make it sustainable? This article will offer you some nice recommendations.