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Monkeys for managers

October 19, 2014
I have found that coaching managers is a different approach than with Scrum teams. While you are (most of the time) involved directly with the Scrum Team as a Scrum Master, managers are less accessible.
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Is Strategy Dead?

October 12, 2014
There is a fundamental change in management happening under out feet that is challenging the very need for strategy. Small changes are happening every day and in ten years’ time we won’t recognise management as we have thought of it in the past.
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In Scrum, Beware of the Re-Write Project

October 7, 2014
I work with a lot of companies to help them to improve their development processes and to either adopt Scrum or improve how they’re currently doing Scrum.  Lately, I’ve noticed that a fair number of companies run into problems with a certain kind
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Don't worship at the Altar of Scrum

September 30, 2014
I am a Scrum Trainer with  I work with lots of organizations to help them become more agile.  I see a lot of bad Scrum.  More than my fair share.  Sometimes I see so much bad Scrum that it makes me question why I do this.

The wall session practice

September 14, 2014
I work in the public sector as an Agile coach. One of the question I often get asked is how to estimate the size of a new project, or a new delivery, as we need to determine a budget before executing it.

That much fuss about TDD

September 4, 2014
One of the important event in Agile this year seems to be an argument around Test Driven Development (TDD). More precisely, high profile personalities in our industry debated against the statement "TDD is dead".
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Its Just Scrum

September 3, 2014
The simple cycle of trying, inspecting, and adapting must be as old as mankind. Can’t you just picture Homo Erectus learning to control fire? I bet scorched fingers and cold nights were fairly common for a millennia or so while we refined the art of spark and tinder.
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With A Little Help From My Friends

August 12, 2014
We shall talk about the most important, from my point of view, team’s trait - Helping Each Other. After discussion I will give you a powerful game that can help you to foster and promote real “one for all, all for one” team spirit.
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5 Common Planning Mistakes

May 30, 2014
It's difficult to predict the future despite the techniques we use to try to do just that. The reality is that planning out even a simple software development project is a challenge.
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Maximizing Scrum

April 2, 2014
When organizations consider or start adopting Scrum, a frequently raised concern is how ‘to scale Scrum’. It is worthwhile investigating this desire, and start exploring the scalability of Scrum.
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Agile Value

December 11, 2013
Every year, organizations spend 4-10% of their revenues on their IT organizations. Value is expected in return for these expenditures.