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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.

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3 Ideas to Improve a Scaled Sprint Review

January 6, 2017
At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol we're using an Agile approach to realize a large digital program. This program includes 5 value streams with multiple teams. Due to the increasing scale of the program, some challenges arise. For example:

Honey We Need to Talk

January 5, 2017
Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma asks the question: Have you experienced the blessing to buy your dream home and enjoyed the journey of making it the perfect place for your family? Join us in this episode to learn how this blessing quickly became a challenge and led to have a painful, heart-breaking conversation.

How to Make an Agile Cupcake

January 4, 2017
Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma asks the question: What mindset might help when confronted with the common challenge of so much to do and so little time & money? Join us to discover how we used cupcakes to meet our move-in date and see if you get an epiphany to help respond to the constraints you might be facing in your life and work.

Remodeling Challenge

January 2, 2017
Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma looks at the situation where there is so much to do and not enough time or money? Join us in this episode to learn how this challenge confounded us in our preparation to move to our new home.
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Scrum Myths: Velocity = Value?

December 29, 2016
I would like to kick off a series of posts in this blog trying to debunk some common myths about Scrum. Many of them arise sometimes from a poor understanding of the Scrum Guide, and even more often, from not having read it at all.

Jira: A Necessary Evil?

December 26, 2016
The first rule of Agile is to value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. So, why do I, an Agile Coach who takes his profession seriously, support using Jira?
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The #1 Challenge With Agile Projects

December 24, 2016
Recently I got asked what I consider the most common challenges with Agile projects. These are projects that have such a high rate of uncertainty and complexity on how and what to build, an Agile approach is necessary.

Product Owner vs. Product Manager

December 22, 2016
As a Product Owner and the CEO of, Dave West was invited to speak at ProductTank NYC earlier this year about the conflict between the roles Product Owner and Product Manager.

The Kitchen Island

December 20, 2016
In this video, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma answers the question as to how the kitchen island impacted the course of our life and how we can apply what we learned in the world of complex software delivery.
Blog Post

Jira - A Necessary Evil?

December 17, 2016
Because there's no easy way in telling you this, I'll just share it straight away... Next week I'll be setting up a Jira environment for the product teams I'm coaching...

The Birth of Agilato

December 15, 2016
In this video, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma answers the question: Do your teams sometimes struggle with having conversations that are necessary but so difficult that you keep sweeping them under the carpet? Does this stop you from improving and get in the way of winning the game of complex software delivery? Watch this episode to learn a simple technique we have used to help many teams successfully navigate hard conversations in a courageous and compassionate way.
Blog Post

Evolution of the Development Team

December 14, 2016
Development Team was removed from the Scrum Guide in the 2020 release. However, the ideas expressed in this blog still provide value when understanding the dynamics of the Scrum Team.

Introduction to Agiliato

December 13, 2016 Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma kicks off his series of video blogs with an introduction to the series.  In this first video, he asks: Do you sometimes struggle with understanding or explaining the what, why and how of Agile Software Delivery? Would you like to explore the power of story telling to illustrate where Agile Principles & Practices might make sense and why? Join us as we navigate marriage, home-ownership, fatherhood and the NBA and reveal actionable insights you can apply immediately to your Agile Teams!
Blog Post

Agile is a verb, not a noun

December 7, 2016
Are we there yet? It’s becoming like nails-on-a-chalkboard to hear phrases like “We’re going Agile” or “We’re doing this because it’s agile.” People are putting everything they can under the Agile umbrella, right down to clea

ScrumPulse #19 - Special Spanish Edition: Role of a Scrum Master

November 30, 2016
Sin importar donde estés en tu transición a Scrum, el rol del Scrum Master se puede malinterpretar muy fácilmente. En este webinar, Joel Francia -Professional Scum Trainer- nos guiará en la exploración de algunas preguntas comunes acerca del rol del Scrum Master y como puede afrontar las diferentes expectativas que se tienen sobre él. Para reflejar la diversidad de nuestra comunidad, este será el primer de mucho Scrum Pulses ofrecidos en Español.

The Nexus Integration Team

November 9, 2016
The Nexus Integration Team (NIT) is a new role that is essential within the Nexus™ framework. It is a role that is performed by a team of people. As described in the Nexus Guide, “the Nexus Integration Team exists to coordinate, coach, and supervise the application of Nexus and the operation of Scrum so the best outcomes are derived.”

A Code of Ethics for Software

November 3, 2016
Why does the software industry act differently from many other industries where a code of ethics isn't required to act "professionally"? Read more to learn how some of our PSTs think this should change.